What is happening on Texas Politics Scene?

So, what is new in the The Lone Star State political wold these days? Read the following post and get informed on the newest events and trends that will effect the future of this state.

RepKleinschmidt__Desktop_Resolution_Austin – considered to be one of the best lawyers in the field of property law, state representative Tim Kleinschmidt is becoming the general counsel of the Department of Agriculture. Mr. Kleinschmidt is described as a good lawyer and a hard worker with experience with the ranches and agriculture will become a leading figure in this department during January this year. As he is hailed as the best option for this position it leaves us to wait and see just how will this decision benefit the Department of Agriculture from now on.

austinAustin and Huston – these two cities were always known to be a desirable places to live, but lately they are becoming much more than that. With the rent rate rising around 6,5% they are becoming the hottest spots in the United States. So many people are searching for the residence in these cities that rent has consequentially risen, and they weren’t cheap to begin with. The reason might be the steady and growing economy and job market that Texas offers, making these cities the prime target for the people searching better financial climate. If you are living in Austin or Huston, consider your high rent a trend and a sign of good life, if it helps you feel better.

open_carryEighty-fourth legislative – if you are from Texas, you must know what this is. These days, in Washington D.C. there is a fierce battle going on in the Capitol, as representatives from both sides are arguing for and against the bill. A crowd of gun supporters and lovers gathers in front of Capitol, protesting the changes in law that would diminish their gun carrying rights. As for now, due to a loop hole in the existing law, citizens are allowed to carry antique pistols and longarms wherever they wish. What the 2nd Amendment lovers would love seeing is that rule extending on all the guns, all the time, giving them freedom to carry fire arms without restrictions. The epilogue of this battle is still due.

1200x-1Oil – last year, with a great help of Texas, the United States became the world’s biggest oil producer. This might sound great, but the extra oil on the market actually diminished the price since there is abundance of it on the market. Now, with lower prices, the revenue of the oil merchants and excavators are going down. So, should there be reason to worry? Less resources in the industry means that a lot of people will loose jobs, and Texas would suffer the most for it, as they are the number one player in the US oil game. But, experts say that should not be the case, as previous experiences showed that the action and reaction are usually years apart, and in that time, industry should steady itself. So, what do you think will be the ripple effect of these events?